We at Beat Spy have a vision to provide a centralised online music hub, where artists & labels meet music lovers from all over the world. Our hub involves a visual music search engine, access to heaps of music data from around world and a wide variety of tools for the music industry.

Our search engine does not go out and crawl the web to remain up-to-date like a traditional search engine does but instead we allow the music industry to update in real-time their own profiles and their artists.  As a search engine we link to wherever your music is, be it legal downloads or streaming services so that users have only the legal options approved by the artist or label.

Artists & Labels need a platform that truely understands them and that proves through its actions that it can be trusted. We at Beat Spy are individually have worked, played and recorded in the music industry ourselves so we understand you and the obstacles that confront you often and want your help. We also believe that for the survival of the music industry going global is necessary.  Artists listed on our search engine don’t need to worried about different countries sensitivities as we address these matters for you.

As a user of our search engine you will have a visual experience that we believe will be above your expectations. We promise to continue to push the bar of excellence in music and technology for the music industry and the fans.


““To stop the flow of music would be like the stopping of time itself, incredible and inconceivable.” ” – Aaron Copland

Music Search


We are constantly working with both the “music lovers” in many countries to produce the best search design with the simplest of operations but giving the user amazing results. We want the very best experience for both our users and those of the music industry that partner with us.


Our “Rocket Scientists’ are busy developing the next generation of tools for every aspect of the music industry. We continue to partner with various music organisations with a goal of assisting in raising efficiency, profitability and improving methods of marketing

global music search


We are accepting advanced profile information from artists and labels for our new visual search engine.  Its a free service. Your profile will come up in the search results whenever someone searches your name. You as the label or artist are in control of the content (not like Wikipedia or other similar sites). To get your profile included in our search engine on launch day or to see how your profile will look, contact us using the form below and we will get back to you soon.

global music search
global music search


Picture a new kind of Wikipedia, thats visually enhanced, which gives the artist and label the ability to maintain the information.

We love music and we love artists.  Our search engine is an easy way to follow that special artist that you are crazy about, that musician or band that you like to follow.  The good thing is that all the information that you see is official and in real-time.  Tweets, Facebook Posts, Media News, Events, Videos and so much more are available as soon as they are posted. We can even send you an alert to let you know there is news.

Indie Artist FAQ

How can I setup my own free profile?

Once you signup when will give you a dashboard to login and from there you will be able to submit your content, whether its text, pics, sound cloud tracks, videos, links to your social media and much more.

Can I really put anything on there?

All content submitted will go through an approval process. If there are issues with the quality of the content, ownership of the content or the sensitivity of the content (e.g. some countries restrict content) then we will get back to you.

Can I put sounds track, videos or photos of other artists or groups?

No, we only allow the artist, group or label to post their own profile.

I know its free now but am I going to be asked to pay anything later on?

All artists, groups, bands and labels are able to submit their content without charge.

I am not good at editing our photos and content, what can I do to get it approved?

Our staff or able to put together the profile for you professionally for a small fee.  We guarantee that it will be accepted.

Can I put links to where I sell my music?

Yes we encourage you to put all the links that you wish.

Why would I use this service instead of say Wikipedia?

Firstly, you will have full control of the content. As you will probably know on Wikipedia you have not control and generally it slow in keeping your information up-to-date.  With Beat Spy Search you can add, update and delete any content on your artists profiles and have the ability to add graphics & content to make the information more attractive to the users.

Does it cost for a label to put all our artists here?

Absolutely not. Every artist that you have on your roster is welcome here for free.

How can I be sure that my artists photos or music are not going to be ripped off?

We have disabled the right click on photos and will use a light watermark on all pics submitted to it.  We only accept music tracks at this stage that are with Sound Cloud and any in the future with other music partners that we also allow, they must conform to our standards of client content protection.

Do you take a commission for any music sales that eventuate through Beat Spy Search?

You will provide your own download & streaming service links and we take no cut at all.

Are we as the label able to put our own branding on our artists profiles?

Absolutely, you are free to design your artist pages anyway you like.

Are our artist profiles translated into other languages?

Yes, we will translate all content into the languages that we provide with our search engine.  Furthermore, we don’t use automatic translation but prefer to use our in-house native translators for a better result. Initially languages will include English, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Tagalog, Chinese, however  we do expect to offer other European languages later on.

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